Multi-month rates as low as $4,800 / month.

One Month

$5,700 / month

Two Months

$5,300 / month (save $800)

Three or More Months

$4,800 / month (save $2,700*)

Note:  I have three one opening available starting July 2022.

Multi-month contracts available through GSA schedule or other large federal procurement contract vehicles. 
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You’ll never again need to scramble looking for an expert, designer, or coach.

I’ll be there.

How many hours of work do I provide each month for your investment? Instead of hours, I to measure the impact of my work in terms of the goals we’re accomplishing together. For example, a simple change I suggested on a client’s course design increased student satisfaction by 200%. It didn’t take many “hours” to make this suggestion, but the value it returned far outweighed the cost of having me around. But typically you can expect 30-40 hours of focused work per month. Some of that time might be dedicated to providing advice, suggestions, and strategy, while the remaining time might be spent working on specific solutions or coaching to meet your needs.

If you need more of my time during a particular month we can work that out as the need arises. Each month we’ll establish some clear goals we’d like to accomplish and knock them out. As needs come up, it will be nice to have me right by your side. No need to scramble anymore searching for an expert, designer, or coach. I’ll be there. We’re partners.