In a Nutshell

For the last 31 years, I’ve led teams and solved problems for all different types of organizations.

I’ve spent my time…

  • Flying satellites
  • Developing training programs for multi-billion dollar space and ballistic missile systems
  • Improving the way we track satellites and space junk
  • Leading engineers and space professionals 720 miles from the North Pole
  • Coordinating conferences between senior military leaders and Fortune 500 executives
  • Corralling the military staff and civilian personnel of a U.S. Unified Command
  • Managing activities for non-profit Boards of Directors
  • Creating online communities in the U.S. Air Force and for finance/oil/gas/power companies
  • Writing a book on best practices for social learning and professional networking
  • Teaching military doctrine, history, and leadership to cadets and military senior leaders
  • Building training programs to train U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army wartime and peacetime leaders
  • Designing college courses that use advanced techniques to maximize knowledge transfer
  • Training a cadre of teachers to educate, motivate, and mentor more than 5000 students annually
  • Commanding an Air Force squadron
  • Coaching current and future leaders on how to improve performance and make a difference
  • Teaching adventurous divers to explore and protect the underwater world

Yes, it’s quite a varied background, but it means there is a good chance I can help solve your problems, too.

For more information on me, visit my LinkedIn profile or use my contact form so we can chat about how we can help each other.